How it Works

A step-by-step guide on how to get online with NetLet.

Step 1

Visit our Get Started page and sign up. Once you become a customer, we will follow up to get your logo, images, info about your business, services you provide, and service areas. 

Step 2

We research your industry, find the best keywords and domain that will generate the most search traffic, then start designing and creating a website that will match your industry and connect with your customers.

Step 3

Most Net Let websites are typically around 3-5 page(s). Enough pages to properly promote your company and or service for the best user experience and search ranking. Before we launch the new website, it undergoes a thorough review by you, allowing for any minor edits or adjustments to be made. Upon your approval, we go live with the domain and submit to google.

Step 4

The goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers. Visitors can call your number provided, or fill out a lead generation form. Form submissions will be sent you your email of choice. Be sure to follow up at your earliest convenience for maximum results. 

Freequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a website?

Great! You can upgrade with a new NetLet site, or some companies continue to use a main website, then utilize NetLet to focus on specific local areas or services. 

How will I get leads or new business?

Each website is built to be found on google when someone is searching for your name or services you provide in the area. A form is provided as well as, your email and/or phone number for potential clients to contact you. 

How many leads will I get?

The number of leads you get depends on many factors.  How popular your services are and  how much competition you have in the area, are good indicators.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes. You can forward your own domain to your new NetLet website and use that on any business cards, publications or additional collateral. 

Who owns the website?

The main way we can make having a high end website affordable for everyone is by allowing customers to “rent” our websites.  NetLet owns the website code, design, and any general content it provides. When you cancel, NetLet will no longer use your logo, name, and delete and/or return all customer supplied images and content.

What do I need to provide?

Give us a list of services, a little information about you and what makes you special, any logos, images, and contact information you have. We do the rest.

How often can I change my website?

Customers get 1 update a month. That is usually things like updating an image gallery of your work or new services.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimzation. We have over 20 years of helping cstomers like you get found online through search engines like google. This is done with code and written content on the website. All included free with a subscription.

Cancel Anytime

We’re confident you will never want to leave, but if you need to cancel, its OK. We dont require long contracts and bill by the month.